Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun with Biz Nona and Papa

How lucky am I to have so much fun with family. Biz Nona and Papa have just gone and it was wonderful to have them here to enjoy all the family. We had endless walks on the beach and our little man won over two hearts insisting on saying two goodbyes with hugs and kisses each time he left. Winter up here is pleasurable especially when we hear about the southern temperatures.

The Hibiscus still flower profusely and our little man just loves picking them every day - tries so hard to put them behind his ear and anyone else's who comes close.

Here are our three favourite people enjoying the Cultural Centre and its great views and coffee.
Just had to throw in a couple of pottery photos. Here I am getting my pieces glazed, was the first time Mum and Dad had seen me take the clay from start to finish, even they made pieces to take home. As usual Midnight just has to make the photo - his disguise given away by those two shining eyes staring up from the bottom of the photo. I think he could possibly be my unsung assistant!
And this is some of the finished pieces - late night kiln opening after 12 hours of firing- Biz Nona in her Winter jamies too!

The beach is a photographer's paradise - this little group of mangrove seedlings seem to form a heart with their strange curling together. There are a lot of seedlings this year so it will be interesting to see how many make it through and survive the onslaught of the wet season and storms later in the year.This is an interesting beautiful photo with the bird footprints captured so clearly on the mudflat where freshwater bubbles up from below. It forms little patches of ochre coloured quicksand - almost scary as you can put your foot into it and it just keeps going under. There are several of these little bubbling spots, some quite large and the water it drinkable - just ask Midnight.

The Palm Cockatoo has the reddest colours around his cheeks and under his wings. This one was down on the wild almond trees having a feed then flew off so I managed to get quite close continually snapping away. I think he was quite annoyed at me for being so audacious and kept bending his head down. They have the most beautiful distinctive call.

Here are Max and Midnight cavorting on the beach with their two-legged mates. Tides have been quite low and the flats are worth a look. The marks formed by waves, birds, shells and even stingrays make for an interesting almost psychedelic landscape.

The setting sun and reflections with the great backdrop and best of all Nicholas alone in that great expanse.

Can you guess who these 3 are - Midnight, Nona and camera and Nicholas. I love this expressive photo capturing our connection on the sand. This is the day Nicholas discovered the moon as well!
This is our last morning walk before Mum and Dad leave. Shoes are retrieved and the Midnight goes on the leash again to head up the hill to home. This is a well worn track and provides endless pleasure to a myriad of feet wandering along the foreshore. I know we all had such a happy time - family is fun, love and sharing - and we will do it all again next visit.