Saturday, October 13, 2007

First Storm, Nicholas gets a haircut

We had our first storm last night with huge claps of thunder and torrential rain. The neighbours had their phone blown off the wall with a lightning strike and then out went the power for an hour. I love the rain and accompanying storms with the night skies lit up like Lunar Park. Midnight hates it and gets to come inside until it passes, but he isn't quite as bad as Max and Gus next door.
We were the first on the beach, Midnight and I, and our footprints tell the story of our movements along the shore - interesting to look at the crisscross of midnight's journey while mine is marked by stops to grab a digital moment. The sky is heavy looking out to sea promising more rain - no wonder as we have had such hot days and the humidity is building. The rain will herald all the changes to the foreshore, green overtaking the browns of summer, washing the dust away for the next wet months.The beach was so soft underfoot, the rain peppered sand forming a gentle cushioning to our tread. I love the contrasts formed with wave washed smoothing.
Its nice to see the beach free of tyre marks with only these environmental etchings creating exquisite little images.
Just had to put this in. Nicholas loves planes and Grandad finds some great clips on Youtube so he sits up on his lap and watches intently until the images come up, often with the cutest little searching sideways looks at Grandad watching his reactions as well. We will miss this image when Grandad leaves.Here is our newest addition to the golfing circuit - he has some great shots but oh can he carry that bag complete with the swinging arm gait, determination etched across his face. Is this Grandad's future caddy and protege?
Now yesterday was a big day. Nicholas with the beautiful curls became Nicholas the little boy. Daddy cut his locks off - we were all sad to see them go but I am sure Nicholas feels so much cooler and looks cooler too.
Here I am doing my little boy thing - don't I look great!