Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunset Paperbarks

A lot has happened this past two months and now we have two more little boys to enjoy. Both born within 5 days of each other so we have three boys with birthdays in the same month. This grandparent thing is so much fun and I still get a full night's sleep not like two households I know!
As for the pottery - its been a long time since I dirtied my hands but finally yesterday the clay was working its magic. The morning walks have started again and sunset tonight with porcelain amongst the paperbarks was a wonderful way to end the day. Along the beach I always get a sense of the softly treading footsteps from times long gone and feel a sadness for lost cultures and environments all over the world. I know we can't stop progress and the mining boom is insatiable but I think we will not be looked on kindly by our children's children for the damage we inflicted on our Mother Earth.