Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Wanderers

Back home after traversing from one end of the country to the other. Flying is wonderful - city in the morning and my remote abode in the afternoon! I think I will spend today digesting all I have seen and heard and trawling the websites of the speakers at the conference - their work and associations are amazing.
Barmah Lakes amongst the Red Gums .

My morning walk was a bit on the late side -the loss of so many paperbarks is more evident now with all the greenery gone, the high tides dragging their stumps into formation along the foreshore. Hopefully March rains don't add to the loss of this stately little stand.

I have been walking in a bit of a daze of late - the mind staring out to sea rather than reconnecting with the world in miniature at my feet. Images have been passing by so it felt good to glance at my feet and watch the incredible parade of nature's patternings. I need to get back to all that influences my creativity then the work will bob around in my head like the mangrove seed on high tide trying to make shore.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Myer Indigenous Award

I am off tripping again - this time to Shepparton with Thanakupi for the Myer Indigenous Awards. Thanakupi is patron of the award this year and I know both of us will have a great time down there and I will be able to meet those I link with by phone and email. Our bus trip from Melbourne will take on a sobering role as I am sure we will see evidence of the horrific fires experienced last weekend. Weipa locals had a lively auction yesterday at the shopping centre and raised a tidy sum with lots of us donating time and goods to help the cause.

I spent a few hours sitting at the shopping centre selling my wares after the auction and was happy with the response so now have to set my hands aworking. Cups and beakers? Sorry none available...... seems I will have to sit and fill that kiln up with the oft requested items.
Now this is my No. 1 grandson at his favourite spot peering for fish. Don't you just love the effort and complete non-caring way kids do their stuff - sometimes I wish we could throw caution to the wind and be just as carefree. Shame we grow up!!!
Back to pots - love this textural effect with the bauxite, shino and cobalt on the Weipa clay mix. Need pots like this to keep pulling me back to the wheel.