Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunset and beach grasses

I am sure everyone knows how much I love the beach sunsets.   I struggle to turn away and walk up the little hill until the light completely fades and if by chance I do I spend more time turning and pausing thinking 'should I take another photo'.  I missed today - rumblings again may mean another storm tonight - we need it as it hasn't rained for 3 days and that is almost a drought in the wet!

Pucker Gallery's Randy Johnston Exhibition touched a chord.   The beach grasses are beautiful so I am drawn to his wonderful free strokes on his work.   I marvel at the variety of grass cover in my little beach environment and the change in dominant vegetation as the wet moves through its cycle.   The dry sees all this rich growth disappear and what remains is often ravaged by fire.

Have I touched clay.  Surprises of surprises the hands actually were dirty for a few days - how I miss that passionate embrace on the spinning wheel.  A new year begins!