Sunday, October 5, 2008


My little kiln stacked to go -
and this is now ready to glaze - it holds a lot for a small kiln so I know I will have two loads once I have thrown the glazes around. I am still deciding whether to keep throwing the porcelain while everything is clean and try and get another bisque load before I start the glaze process. That red bauxite gets onto everything so that lovely white porcelain will end up with the odd dot or two.

I love this Southern Ice porcelain and having two wheels allows me to throw and leave the form to dry a little while I play musical chairs and throw another chunk of clay before I return to stretch the form even further. Finally made a local porcelain body today so here's hoping it will work well. Threw a bowl out of local kaolin only and so far its holding together - worth a test in the kiln to see how it fares. Don't know why I haven't tried it out before???
Almost sunset time but just headed out my door and looked skyward as the clouds are building and the frigate birds are overhead. High above was an incredible line of birds - my brain of course saw the decorative conversion to a bowl - think they are pelicans but who knows, it was such a wonderful sight!