Friday, June 5, 2009

Grass Basket and Home

This is one of the most incredible videos and well worth watching. I hope schools make this a must see. I feel rather small and insignificant by comparison but realize I am part of a monumental destructive force waging war on this wonderful planet we call 'HOME'.
I had the opportunity to learn some grass weaving, making a Mindi. Mindi (message vessel) functioned as a vessel for transporting message sticks, their typical size being the result of this function. My Mindi took on an abstract form and seemed to take me on its own journey recreating what I felt was a female form acknowledging the gathering of women learning this wonderful art. Ninney and Emily Murray from the Jumbun Community patiently guided us through the process, Ninney urging me to keep going until the end. I am so glad she did as I feel it spoke volumes. 7 hours with a break for lunch and it sat completed and one tired but extremely happy basket weaver wove 'HOME'. Thankyou, Thankyou Ninney and Emily.
Ninney was part of the Artisan 2008 exhibition 'Jettison Wove' which is touring remote communities and Weipa has the privelege of viewing the works.