Saturday, September 29, 2007

September Kiln Load

This has been such a busy month and lots of good and bad happening. Still I managed to get this firing done as I wanted to enter a couple of art awards. Good for me to make an effort and actually do something. At least now with computer magic we can either email or burn images and the selection panel do the rest. This digital age makes things so much easier. I could have never taken the hundreds of photos trying to get the right light, angle and clarity. Still it would be nice to have a professional to resort to now and again.
Anyway here are some of the better pieces from the flames. The porcelain has won me over. Only tried a few pieces as I didn't want to ruin the whole lot and loved the results. Only wished I had tried it a long time ago but they say there is always a reason our development moves along certain paths.
This old barbed wire is courtesy of Merluna Station - I love the random rusting - the iron red mimicking local surroundings.
I really love the woven baskets - their intricate patternings and shapes used for so many things - beautiful, strong but delicate utensils no manufactured piece could ever match. I feel such an emotional bond when I am throwing and decorating the forms inspired by them.

These last two images couldn't be more different but I love the total contrast - but they still both have the attention to individual detail I love to give each pot I throw or handbuild. It is so satisfying looking at what you create and revisiting the thoughts you had working that particular piece. They all tell a story, albeit one known only to the potter but alluded to in the little signs captured by the flames.