Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jumping, jumping, jumping

Nicholas has discovered uninhibited jumping - there is still an apprehensive look before he leaps but the urge to feel that mix of scared exhilaration takes control so of course Nona had to join in - she understands such craziness and isn't that what Nonas are for.
I have just been to the beach again - my camera works overtime capturing just a glimpse of the beauty all around me. Midnight often waits patiently but there are times where he feels the necessity to alter the canvas spread before the camera and leave his unmistakable mark! The ocean is quieter today but its colouration and seed laden waves a reminder of its past fury. Several of the wild almond trees have fallen in its wake but one determined soul sits several feet from its original place upright and defiant so maybe it will survive. The shore is clean, flattened into submission, the vines entangled amongst the thousands of mangrove seeds pushed into a continuous mound marking the ocean's onslaught. Winds are still whipping up the seas leaving whitecaps far offshore.
I love this photo - taken almost at sand height peering under the exposed paperbark roots. It projects a sense of calm despite the almost total exposure of the trees sustaining root systems.

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