Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Work at last

The house is very quiet - seems so strange. Mum and Dad have returned home to the cooler southern temperatures. Time slips by when you are having fun with all the family.
The two little boys are growing - still keeping parents awake at night - this is why its so nice to be a grandparent - we can get a decent sleep!Finally got my hands in clay and it feels soooo.... good - working with recycled clay so lots of wedging which is a bit of a pain but its a start and sometimes the starting part is the hardest of all after a long break. Need another day to loosen up and then maybe I will get the porcelain out and do some more refined work. Had a few breaks, one for a snake of all things. The dogs decided a tree snake was fair game and poor snake succumbed before I could rescue it from three relentless pursuers. I am not a lover of snakes but if I know they are non-venomous I am happy to share my yard. The Torres Strait pigeons have arrived and their distinctive call is a beautiful wake-up sound and a reminder the 'wet' is not too far away and I have a shed to build!
I sent a dilly off to the city - I am sure it will stand tall and proud in its new abode. The paperbarks last night had the wonderful sun tinged hue and I was almost tempted to run back home and bring some of the porcelain pieces down for a sitting. I love this little stand at the end of the beach with its tangled roots making perfect seats to enjoy the setting sun.
This little insignificant bubble caught my eye as I walked the beach doing my usual eyes down to catch life in miniature along the foreshore. This was no bigger than my nail but it must be one of the first box jellyfish to come in on the tide - I won't be putting my feet in the water from now on as this little bubble packs quite a punch. November seems to be their month so this one took me by surprise. Now I haven't had time to mention the frogs from the last wet season - they are still hatching and hopefully by the start of the monsoons they will all be gone. I wonder how many have survived the garden and one of the large resident frogs living in my pot. They seem to wait for nightfall to make their escape so perhaps a few will add to the cacophony of calls when the storms begin.

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