Thursday, March 12, 2009

Radio Voice!

I am continually surprised with the cyber world - would you believe 'Etsy' led to a radio interview on my work. I still find it so hard to listen to myself but family all over think its wonderful, especially my mum and dad who are still trying to think of who to tell. Little grandson No. 1 thought it was so good to see himself eating an apple at the pool - that was the most important part of the whole post - now, he has his priorities in the right place. No wonder I love these little people in my life. I spent last night sieving through pottery photos and decided I really must get some sorting in order to make life a little easier on myself.

I love teapots and wonder why I don't make them more often - they take time I know but the results are beautiful and the best thing is they seem to find homes so that should push me to do them on a regular basis. Now that I am back into the clay with a vengence I think the teapot has to feature amongst the cups and bowls. Trouble is I like doing both functional and non-functional pieces so I am not at all disciplined in my work practice and will change on a whim. I can make a cup of coffee and walk back out to my little space and start on something new.

Easter is on my mind at the moment - rabbits on bowls.......they do look comical so hope mums and dads decide they will suit some little people as well - maybe if I entice them with an easter egg it might do the trick. I did think I should stay true to the Australian animal theme with a bilby but I decided the furry rabbit would sit on the first lot of bowls so maybe the little bilby can grace the next output. Then I have to think about the dinner sets I should be making - those dinner plates are such a pain and my little area is not conducive to big plates drying everywhere, but it has to be done - not anytime soon say they say - well that is not good for someone like me because I just put it in a place called 'later'.

Now these are my regular visitors - Midnight's friends and neighbours, the brown pair, Max and Gus and No. 2 son's new baby, Drama (Johnny Drama - who's an Entourage fan?). They all insist on eating clay on a regular basis and fight for places around my feet as I work - its a wonder I produce anything! There is the odd strange mark inflicted on drying work and I do a bit of quiet noises when the party gets rough. They do make great lawn ornaments when quietly eating bones don't you think?

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