Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a week!

Its been a week of constant work - can't believe what has been accomplished but it proves when the brain is in a good space hard work seems effortless - although I must admit running with countless whellbarrow loads of dirt did have the aches and pains coming to the fore.
Still the pottery area is now almost doubled and the pending slabs for a new awning over the kiln look all that closer to being achieved.
Now to some of the pottery - this little bowl was thrown out of the local kaolin - dried too quickly as I was impatient but I still decided to fire even though it cracked in the bisque. I love the striated marks on the clay and the shino has taken on an unusual hue. It was thin so I now wished I had thought more about what I was doing and added some extra layers. Still it has me intrigued as I now want to work out what I should add to lose the cracking but retain the wonderful imperfections - and I really want it to be a local component. I realize I need to pick some more knowledgeable potters' brains for some suggestions. I have made up a porcelain body using the local kaolin with all the additions but after this bowl I would love to pare down to the bare essentials. In all of this I have to try and pay for my experimenting so have to put the time into the necessity work as well, but my brain is a little in overdrive!
Oh that shino - it just has to be my favourite glaze and over the bauxite I am transported to my source of inspiration - that beach I walk nearly every day - although there is a crocodile alert so its walk at low tide only until he is caught.

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