Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shino and some green cups!

Shino dominated the kiln load this time. Finally fired some of the big pots sitting around taking up much needed space in my limited work area. Just thought the green cups would add a complete contrast to the earthy bauxite, shino ware. Think my heart was in the glazing but it was with mixed feelings as another son flew the coop - he will be missed but is probably glad he doesn't have mum asking him to do those fix-it jobs.


Peter said...

Hi Lyn,
Just noticed that you are following my site. Really nice to zip across to yours and to see what you are up to. I do like your shino glazes and your use of local materials. Adventurous and yummy looking crawling and texture. Are you using a wood fired kiln, or are you working miracles with gas? I'd love to put a link to your site from mine if that is OK with you, it will be good to keep in touch.
We're going to snow here tonight apparently, and it feels cold enough. Could do with some North Queensland warmth!
Best Wishes, Peter

mudheartpottery said...

Hi Peter
I use gas, fibre kiln and usually 12/13 hour firing. I am sure its the combination of local materials and shino with the local kaolin as one of the ingredients which work some sort of magic. Don't mind if you put a link to my site. I tend to blog in fits and starts.
Still warm up here, 30's still - great winter weather! and good for drying the pots.

Peter said...

Thanks for that Lyn, I've put a link from my site. I think that your use of local materials, and your great results from the gas kiln, are really refreshing and I am so glad to have come across your site.

30 plus degrees! We're sitting on nearly zero, and will well be below tonight.

dwing said...

Interesting looking glaze effects.