Sunday, February 7, 2010


Michael Kline's 12 to 12 plus walking here
finally got some hands dirty. Little hands also made their first pot. Now I have to get down to business and stop procrastinating. Yesterday was a dry day so all pots are trimmed and a few jugs even have handles but today is different - humid and the odd shower - am I looking for excuses here?

Nature is full of surprises - tucked away amongst the paperbark roots was this multi-coloured mangroove seed (I have never seen one with such a varied palette), standing tall while its mates were gathered on the high tide line in a jumbled mass.


Peter said...

What a beautiful part of Australia you live in! Those are lovely photographs. I am really interested in how the bush comes right down to the water. Over here you don't see that much really, as so many parts of the coast have been modified by farming and other human activity. Really good to see you potting again, I'm slightly envious of your dry day where you can complete a pot all in the same day (that did happen here once last year..., but I usually have to wait overnight before any trimming or adding of handles).

The mangrove seed is amazing... !

Best Wishes, P.

mudheartpottery said...

Hi Peter
This is an incredible environment - worth going on google and having a look - but its quite an eyeopener to see the mining close to the river systems and it is changing the swamps and removing the original vegetation, but we all drink out of those aluminium cans don't we so it comes at a price.
Today is another dry day so the teapots I hope to make should be together before nightfall!
That mangrove seed - I went looking for it last night it had absconded on the high tide for places unknown.....