Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nicholas and his big 1ST BIRTHDAY

Well this will be a pottery free post. Something more important happened in our lives. Ours favourite little man turned one and did he have fun!
I think the adults spent more time laughing and trying to capture untold images and video clips of this big event. These great photos come from Auntie Tan Tan Tan - Nona's are yet to hit the site but these are too good not to show. This is for my Auntie Maleta and family and my Biz Nona and Papa.

How I love my balloons! Nicholas uses his thumb and first finger with such dexterity - everything is touched this way and he even eats very delicately with both hands using these favourite fingers.

The absolute concentration on this burning thing. Mummy tried to show him how to blow it out but he was mesmerized with the flame - but not the cake - now that little video clip will come on another post when I get it downloaded. Its such a funny sight - he just loved the cake - just had to use both hands to get as much as he could.

Yes Daddy is always up for some fun - froggie is from Auntie Aleta and Uncle Troy.

Isnt this the most adorable little boy - and those curls!

Auntie Aleta playing and singing clapping hands and feet.
We had a great birthday!

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