Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rain Again!

We have had unseasonal rain - at least everything is looking brighter as things dry so fast here once the 'real' wet passes. The flat to Rocky Point Beach is now looking brown and listless but the shower yesterday will bring some fresh shoots - unfortunately they probably won't survive long.

My Friend and inspiration Thanakupi has just returned from a quick trip to Canberra for the Reconciliation Celebration - her yams are now huge bronzes taking pride of place in our Capital. Here she is working at her table transforming the clay into her stories, both top and bottom receiving equal attention to detail. I love hearing the legends and her songs - another world has opened through her eyes.

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pip chalmers said...

I have just found this wonderful site of yours as I have been trying to find information on Thanakupi and her whereabouts.
I am a huge fan of her work and infact most indigenous pottery.
My husband and I would love to come up to Weipa and meet Thanakupi but we are unable to find out how we can get in touch with her.As your blog is recent and current perhaps you might be able to help us to find out how we might get in touch either directly or indirectly.Because we live in Sydney and are far away we do not know who to contact? If you can help us in any way we would be delighted.
I have enjoyed seeing all of your pictures of your family and your pottery and I hope that we might be able to meet you if we can come up for a visit.
I am Pip Chalmers and my husband is Ray chalmers and we hpoe that you can help us,