Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hamada, beach etchings

Beach Etchings - handmade and environmental
"Why not be a potter? Pots can be used, they have a function. Even a bad pot has some use, but a bad painting, there is nothing you can do with it except throw it away"

I think I will put this up in my work area to catch my eye each time I sit and throw that clay around - thanks to Hannah McAndrew for finding this gem from Hamada.

Not much potting happening apart from a workshop with some young students from Western Cape College, but sometimes there are things in life which need our attention - when the claywork begins again it will benefit from this little break.


Peter said...

I love the way the way you have used the textures and patterns of the beach as decoration. Really beautiful with the subtle brown on white. I'm guessing (from looking at your slides) that the body is Southern Ice porcelain?

mudheartpottery said...

Hi Peter
You guessed right - its a beautiful body to throw and the brown is bauxite. I have been told the kaolin used in Southern Ice is a NZ coastal body similar to the kaolin we have here under the bauxite bands.
I use the calcined kaolin from here in all my glazes and as a textural surface treatment - also made a porcelain body with it but its not very plastic so have some unprocessed kaolin ready to make up and test out - when I get some spare time!