Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weipa goes to Sydney

These are some of the pieces which have journeyed to Planet. Hope city life embraces them!

I am so fortunate to have inspiration overload up here and the raw materials on hand to use and make these pieces unique. Southern Ice gives such a beautiful translucency to the forms and works so well with bauxite. I still have to make up my local porcelain using raw kaolin - unfortunately its still slightly tainted with the bauxite but I am sure I will get an unusual workeable body.


Peter said...

Planet looks very impressive from their website, I do hope your work enjoys great success there. It is nice to see more of your porcelain work. Thanks too for the technical information in response to my comment on your previous post. I never realized that the kaolin in southern Ice is from NZ. I hope that it is, so few raw materials seem to be from here these days. The Kaolin I buy from my supplier is from China. (The bag before that may have been from India.) The brand on the Chinese sack seems to suggest that it may even be Kaolin from Kaolin! If so, I wonder if it would make a useful porcelain body. I shall have to try.

I'm really impressed with your use of local materials, such as bauxite. I do like your work very much. I'm really enjoying what you have in your March Pottery web album, many of the pots and bowls speak to me like friends, and it would be so good to see the real thing one day.

mudheartpottery said...

Thanks for the kind words Peter.
I know I am lucky living up here - can't see myself leaving all these raw materials at hand! If you ever get the chance to visit this out of the way place you must drop in.

Peter said...

I'd love to drop in some time. I haven't been over to Australia yet, but have family in Adelaide, and a good friend just north of Sydney. If I do finally get over to your side of the Tasman, I'll certainly try to get in touch. It would be a real treat to see your work and to meet you and talk potting.

pancho said...

Beautiful pieces! They remind a bit of some of my wife's work -- she uses porcelain with a bit of purple sand (from California) mixed in.

Anna said...

Love the little bird footprints. Hope you sell lots!
I just 'surfed' over from the Aus Cer Discussion list and found a photo of my head teacher at the Takeshi Yasuda workshop with you!
Small world.

tkceramics said...

I think these are impressive. I love them!