Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pot, Pot, Pot!!!

"Pot, pot, pot" - my smallest fan just informed me when he came to check out what Nona was doing. The porcelain made from the raw kaolin and a little addition of potash feldspar is beautiful to throw but we shall see what happens in the drying and firing. I decided not to add silica as there is a lot in the raw kaolin and I ground a little extra retrieved from the sieving process just to see what it would do to the final body. There are still a lot of little iron speckles in the body and I really don't know if I want to eliminate these. Now I have to go and make more and this time I will let it age a little longer than a week.

I am surprised I could get anything done out there as we had a big downpour with lots of thunder so there were four dogs milling about me, tails flailing trying to vie for my attention. One form suffered an injury but it was still soft enough to fix.

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Peter said...

That porcelain looks lovely, and the impurities will probably look great! Good that it throws so well as I know that porcelain does have the reputation of being "difficult". Nice to see good things happening up your way.

I enjoyed the post before too, and am impressed by how you are potting with the help of a very young person and some dogs, that takes real patience, determination, and skill! I suppose that you are basking in 30 degrees of heat up your way, we are about 13 today which does feel almost chilly!
Must dash, P.