Monday, March 1, 2010

Summer Rain

The Cooktown Orchids are out again. Pennefather Beach north of Weipa will be a blaze of colour - the orchids are on the low shrubs beside the beach growing unnoticed until they flower.

Firing today - looked like a hot rainfree day but we are getting the odd shower just to make my life difficult with a leak down the chimney right above the damper. Not fun sitting there redirecting the flow but at least its only for a few minutes while the downpour lasts. Fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse later this afternoon - don't fancy the flames and water mix!
............well that didn't quite go according to plan - kiln is choking and I can't blame the burners so phone call to my helpful kiln man thousands of miles away and he, like me thinks maybe the flue has collapsed inside. 800C after 9 hours is not normal so its pointless wasting more gas until I can peer down that flue. He assures me its quite simple taking the back off so I am quite the fixit kiln-woman these days. Hopefully I can get it up and running and meet the Wednesday deadline for a local parting gift to make the removalists.

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Peter said...

How frustrating not being able to get to temperature. The flue problem does sound likely, I do hope it is easy to fix.

I seem to end up firing in the rain most times that I fire the wood fired kiln (even if we are in a drought!). I don't mind it much as it keeps me cooler and visitors away! Worst time for rain for me is when loading the kiln. Rain can make that part impossible.

Love the Orchids, what a joy it must be to see such things in flower!