Monday, November 29, 2010


I have just sent off my 'Forever' piece of clay. What an interesting concept - I couldn't resist being part of it. Still not getting out to the pottery but it can wait - lots of glazing to be done.

I was inspired by the beautiful sculptural pieces from Burnt.Normal Church Pottery - mine are definitely not as free and expressive but they are family inspired and will eventually find their way to my special loved ones. I think I will have to do more when time permits but be a little less controlled and see where the clay takes me.


Peter said...

Happy Christmas, and a Wonderful New Year!

Peter said...

Hi Lyn,
So sorry that things have in fact turned out so sad for you and your family this Christmas. My sincere sympathies, and kindest thoughts, P.

littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

beautiful work, really like the range of pieces. The people in the background pose very lifelike!

Elizabeth said...

Such beautiful pottery!