Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunset Inspiration

Just some of the wonderful colours which inspire this.
Special memories of 'the walker' leaving his footprints in the sand will always be in my heart.


Peter said...

So nice to see you back again, I have often thought of you. A really lovely set of sunset photos. The atmosphere in your part of the world seems to do wonderful things with sun when it is low in the sky that we don't often see here.... but we do have snow!

mudheartpottery said...

Thanks Peter, I have had quite a lay time but am hoping to get a bit more productive, touch wood!
Its been a sad time for our family, especially my mum who has lost a son, grandson, and now husband in the space of 3 years. Dad loved Gallipoli so it seemed fitting he left us on 25th April, Anzac Day, 4 months after his grandson, but they are resting side by side which is some comfort to my mum and sister.
This gift we call life is just so so special and I don't think we truly treasure it enough.
The clay is wonderful therapy so I will be throwing it about a bit more often from now on!

Quietly Otaku said...

wow your photos are beautiful, whenever I see sunsets like that I think the sky looks as if its burning.